Biometric Login Authentication System


The Integral IBI Biometric Login product provides Fingerprint Biometric enabled Logins (authentication) integrated into MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems and other shop floor supply chain applications such as Document Management, electronic Batch Record, LIMS, and ERP systems.

Many process automation applications come with a hidden cost to regulated manufacturers.

You can get it Better, Faster, and Cheaper… don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t work that way.

In order to manage traceability and accountability within manufacturing processes, numerous in-process authentications (sign-offs/eSignatures) are required.
This compliance cost can add up. Our biometric enabled Login application turns this cost into a benefit by streamlining the process and increasing accountability and traceability while reducing the time and effort required to maintain compliance.


Biometric Enabled Logins and User Authentication

Our Biometric Identity Verification System for Fingerprint based logins into Manufacturing Execution Systems and other shop floor automation systems provides fast  and simple user logins for manufacturing automation systems.  Users touch a fingerprint sensor to provide their authentication credentials.  Our system matches the user based on a fingerprint alone and provides the username and password to the integrated application.

Flexible Password Management and Integration:

Our systems can use numerous password integration methods

  1. Password Optional:
    Uses a password that is also known to the user.
  2. Biometric Only:
    Uses a system generated and integrated password that is compliant with your most rigorous password requirements.  The system generated password is never seen by a user or admin.  It ensures that password administrative overhead and security issues are not a concern for your organization.
  3. Trusted system:
    Uses a fully integrated authentication method that establishes the biometric system as a trusted authentication source for your application

Other Features:

  • Very Simple User Experience
  • Fast scalable system
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant
  • Validated applications for regulated environments
  • Audit support tools for encrypted eSignature records.
  • Password Management Options
    • Biometric Only     (user does not have a password)
    • Biometric Optional (user knows and can also type password)
  • Leverageable – Multiple Application Support
  • Same Biometric device, workstation, client/server software, logs
  • Single (or multiple) User Registration databases
  • Compatible with numerous DBs – Oracle, ODBC, LDAP, MS SQL
  • Flexible Client/Server Networking Desig
    • Distributed
    • Centralized
    • Citrix enabled
  • Streamlined Fingerprint Registration Process
  • Increased Matching Reliability
  • Multi-Language Capability
    • English, French, Spanish (Puerto Rican style)
    • (easy language file translations)
  • Auto Failover (fault tolerant)
  • Centralized Logging, Monitoring, and Log Management
  • Security – dual nested security models (256+ bit)
    • Blowfish
    • TEA
    • Audited by corporate customers security teams
  • Windows 2003/2008 Server
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP

Integrated Applications

Integrated with:

Biometric Enabled Electronic Signatures

Integrated with:

  • UL Compliancewire

If you don’t see your application here, contact us to ask about what it will take to integrate the application you are using in your factory.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks for us to integrate a new application or system.  (e.g. – Document management apps, other training apps, other MES systems)

We may have integrated with your system already, but either can’t publish the product name here or haven’t been able to update just yet. Contact us and ask.



Issue: Lock-Outs, Typos, and Password Resets add up.

Manufacturing operators repeatedly authenticate to MES and other Supply Chain applications using usernames and passwords.

Integral Biometrics replaces passwords and addresses these issues:

  • People write down, share, miss-type, and forget User ID’s & passwords(Compliance & Security issues)
  • Password Administration is expensive and takes time
  • Factory workers are not all comfortable with keyboard
  • Ergonomic solutions like tablets or touch screens often have hard to use virtual keyboards
  • Repetitive and frustrating work
  • Mistakes can Interfere with production
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance generates even more logins, or designers compromise on Quality checkpoints due to their operational cost.

Biometric Enabled Electronic Signature

The Integral IBI BEES (Biometric Enabled Electronic Signature) product uses Fingerprint Biometrics to create electronic signatures that can be used as auditable independent eSignatures, or eSignatures can be synchronized in real-time with integrated applications such as Training applications like UL Compliancewire, Pilgrim, or Cornerstone.

Integral IBI BEES can be used in conjunction with a system that has its own eSignature capability or to augment systems that do not yet have CFR21 Part 11 or EC Annex 11 compliant eSignature capabilities.

Biometric eSignatures eliminate paper-based processes.
No more transcription, backlogs of training records, and trainers sitting doing paperwork instead of training.

Use our solution to make your operation efficient, accurate, instantly up-to-date, and compliant while reducing costs associated with extraneous paper, people, and processes.


Clear Benenfits

Forget Passwords! Get Biometric Enalbled e-Signatures.

  • Reduce costs (reduced data entry staff)
  • Reduce Paper (handling/storage/archival)
  • Reduce cycle times for product delivery  (operator Training recorded real time)
  • Reduce Compliance Risk (operator training records updated in real time)
  • Operations Cost Reduction:
    • Significant Workforce efficiency and effectiveness increases.
    • Elimination of paper storage, transport, and archival related costs. Reduced cost for audits due to access to real-time reporting.
    • eSignature enabled without Corporate IT accounts for each operator
      • Using Biometric eSignature avoids monthly IT cost of  that would be required to enable operator logins to support Compliancewire and other Training apps.
    • No delays due to forgetting Compliancewire passwords.
    • Keep operator training and sign-offs on the Floor, no need to leave workspace to complete training.
  • Compliance Improvements
    • Eliminate errors in recording training
    • Reporting – real-time up-to-date results on training at all times
    • Reduced Training Compliance risk – Training is reported immediately – so no lag in recording of training and therefore no audit risk.
      Customer in Puerto Rico went from 96 hours documentation lag to Zero hours!
  • Balance Sheet Benefits:
    • Capital expense.
    • More productive time – Trainers can Train and Operators can produce.

BEES Benefit Boxplot - Training Completion Recording Delays reduced from 96hrs -> 0hrs

BEES Benefits Boxplot


Biometric Enabled Electronic Signatures

  • eSignatures for Applications with no Existing 21 CFR Part 11 or Annex 11 eSignature functionality
  • eSignature synchronization and Biometric enablement for systems with existing password based eSignature process.
  • Integration with mainstream Training Management applications
  • CFR 21 Part 11 and Annex 11 Compliant design (audited)
  • eSignature Audit Report tools
  • Centralized date/time stamped Usage Logging
  • Leverageable Design – Integrated with Biometric Login capability for single solution integrated to numerous supply chain applications.
  • No User Impact Real-time Full-time Failover for 24x7x365 reliability
  • Not Dependent on Active directory
  • Windows 7 and Vista Support.
  • Oracle, MS SQL, and ODBC Databases Supported
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture to support numerous User Sites using centralized or geographically diversified server sites.
  • Multi-Language Support
  • One-touch Matching with User Confirmations
  • Audited multi-dimensional Security model.
  • Supports Digitalpersona 4000 and 4500 Biometric Fingerprint Sensors
  • Coming Soon – Support for Myris Handheld IRIS Scanner.
  • Front end and Back end Integration with other systems.
  • Fully CSV Validated system.


Integral BEES Workflow

Click workflow image to see it large in another window.

Integrated Applications

  • UL Compliancewire

  • Customer custom Applications

Integrated Biometric Identifier (I.B.I.)

Glowing fingerprint w numbers 980x980

Integral designs, develops, documents, and delivers Integrated Biometric solutions.

These products provide fast and reliable Login and electronic Signature functionality for Manufacturing Execution systems, Training applications, Document Repositories, and other strategic Global Supply Chain manufacturing and HR applications.

Our integration architecture provides more value, ease of use, security, and cost savings with each new system that is integrated.

Join our other Fortune 50 customers who have been enjoying the stability and strategic benefits of these products for the last 11 years.

Look below at our list of integrated applications to see if we have integrated your manufacturing Application.


Join the growing number of manufacturers who can

  • Accelerate System Access
  • Reduce password admin costs
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce Paper Handling, Processing, Storage
  • Reduce Transcription Mistakes
  • Eliminate Password associated glitches, resets, retypes, frustration, work blocking
  • Save an average 10 seconds per login (as per our customers’ metrics)

while delivering innovative new solutions their manufacturing associates and IT Teams both love.

Integralted Applications

Integrated with:

Biometric Enabled Electronic Signatures

Integrated with:

  • UL Compliancewire

If you don’t see your application here, contact us to ask about what it will take to integrate the application you are using in your factory.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks for us to integrate a new application or system.  (e.g. – Document management apps, other training apps, other MES systems)

We may have integrated with your system already, but either can’t publish the product name here or haven’t been able to update just yet. Contact us and ask.

Your users are wasting 2+ weeks of time with passwords!

Forget Passwords! Use Integral Biometrics.

Get it all… Speed, Security, and Simplicity!

Integral Products deliver Radical ROI. Get our Brochure and contact us to find out more today.

New Products in Development

  • Integral ENVOY – Authentication Integration Web Service
  • IB RAD – Auto-Lock on walk away
  • IB RAD – LogBook – Biometrically Authenticate user presence for any machine.

Contact us for more information about these exciting new products!


Custom Integration

Contact us if you are trying to get a biometric system to integrate with your systems and don’t know how to make it happen. 

Need Login or eSignature functionality for a new application and don’t know how to implement a CFR 21 Part 11 or Annex 11 compliant solution?  Snap on our solution and eliminate passwords and enable easy and fast compliance. 

Our integration platform is designed to allow us to quickly integrate biometric devices into new systems and work processes.  Our staff is also skilled in facilitating and implementing these type of solutions and may be available to consult with your project team.