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Fast, Secure, and Frictionless Iris and Fingerprint logins for
Wearable Smart Glasses and mobile devices (iPad, Android, etc)

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Data Integrity is driving many of our operational decisions today.” 

      – Pharma Manufacturing Customer – Beerse, Belgium

Announcing – 2Q2019

Integral’s – Data Integrity Biometric Solutions for Legacy HMIs

I-VRK – Integrated Virtual Remote Keyboard and  Biometric Logbook

In today’s manufacturing environment the need for full accountability and
Data Integrity is becoming urgent. Manufacturers have aging but still useful machines
in their supply chain that they don’t want to upgrade or replace.
The Integral I-VRK (IOT-based Virtual Remote Keyboard) combined with our
Integrated Biometric Identifier and our Biometric Logbook 
will perform user logins on any rudimentary HMI that has a keyboard input port.
So, Forget Passwords! Get our Eye or Finger-based biometric solutions and add our new
I-VRK to any HMI and start saving time, increasing compliance, and achieving full
user accountability and Data Integrity in your operations.



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