Product Overview

Manufacturing Operators are required to Login and eSign Numerous times a day on Many systems.

People write down, share, miss-type, and forget User ID's & passwords (Compliance & Security issues)
Password Administration expensive and takes time
Factory workers not all comfortable with keyboard
Ergonomic solutions like tablets or touch screens often have hard to use virtual keyboards
Repetitive and frustrating work
Mistakes can Interfere with production
CFR 21 Part 11 compliance generates even more logins
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Integral IBI ®
Integrated Biometric Identifier Solutions

Integral designs, develops, documents, and delivers Biometric Integration solutions.

These products provide fast and reliable Login and electronic Signature functionality for Manufacturing Execution systems, Training applications and other strategic Global Supply Chain manufacturing and HR applications.

Our integration architecture provides more value, ease of use, security, and cost savings with each new system that is integrated.

Join our other Fortune 50 customers who have been enjoying the stability and strategic benefits of these products for the last 11 years.

See if we have integrated your manufacturing Application yet.


IBI® BIVS - Biometric Identity Verification Systems

Many process automation applications come with a hidden cost to regulated manufacturers.

In order to manage traceability and accountability within manufacturing processes, numerous in-process authentications (sign-offs) are required.
This compliance cost can add up. Our biometric enabled Login application turns this cost into a benefit by streamlining the process and increasing accountability and traceability while reducing the time and effort required to maintain compliance.

Join the growing number of manufacturers who can reduce password admin costs, reduce cycle times, and increase productivity while making their manufacturing associates’ adoption of new processes more painless.  

You can get it Better, Faster, and Cheaper… don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t work that way.

IBI BEES - Biometric Enabled Electronic Signature

Our IBI BEES (Biometric Enabled Electronic Signature) product creates electronic signatures that are stored in a database using methods to ensure the incorruptability of the recorded signatures.  These records can be used as auditable independent eSignatures or they can be synchronized in real-time with integrated applications (such as Training applications like Compliancewire, Pilgrim, or Cornerstone) to ensure that our system and the integrated system both have valid auditable electronic signature records.

This product can be used in conjunction with a system that has its own eSignature capability or to augment other systems that do not yet have CFR21 Part 11 or EC Annex aa compliant eSignature capabilities. 

Often these are systems that generate a lot of paperwork and require clerks to manage the paper and transfer quickly hand written data/records into other systems. 

Use our solution to make your operation accurate, instantly up-to-date, compliant and to reduce costs associated with extraneous paper, people, and processes.

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