Forget Passwords?!

At 10+ seconds per login, fifty logins or eSignatures a day per user is a big waste of time.
Why are you still typing passwords?  Forget Passwords!
Using Biometrics to Save 10 seconds per login in a factory of 500+ operators adds up fast!
If you are looking to increase Quality and Compliance while optimizing productivity and reducing IT overhead for managing passwords and application access, you have found the right company. 
We are a developer of Innovative Integrated Biometric Solutions for medical device, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing businesses.  Our validated CFR 21 Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant systems Biometrically enable real-time Logins and Electronic Signatures for multiple manufacturing automation, Training, and supply chain systems.  
There’s no need to give everyone an Active Directory network password and waste IT helpdesk resources supporting lock-outs.  Our products provide a secure and simple alternative for lower cost, high speed Authentication and eSignatures.
Stop wasting time.  Take a closer look at our products.

No more sticky notes with passwords on your Shop floor.

Go from Chaos to Quality with Biometrics!