Instructions for using the Integral Demo

Set Up Your First Biometric Admin Account

  1. Plug in the Digitalpersona U.are.U 4500 Sensor to a USB port on the back of the machine.
  2. Turn on the Laptop.  (Power switch is found by opening the screen. It is above the “Esc” key.)
  3. Login to User “Integraldemo1” with the Password, “ForgetPassw0rds!” (the second “o” is a zero)
  4. On the Desktop you will see three Integral Icons with Shortcuts.
    • Integral Bio Login
    • Integral Bio Admin
    • Integral Bootstrap
  5. Find the Integral Application Logo running in the system tray.  Exit the application (see TIP section on this web page)


  1. Double-Click the Integral Bootstrap icon.
  2. Enter an ID for your Admin Account.  Suggestion – IntuitiveADMIN  (make this something we can recognize and not delete from the user tables.)
  3. Click the “Register” button.
  4. Add a name by typing the last name, then a comma, and a space and then the first name.  (This is an old user interface.  You will see the new one in the regular Admin App.)
  5. Click “Confirm
  6. Click on the “Register as administrator” check-box to create an admin user.  A check-mark will appear.
  7. Click on a radio button to select your RIGHT THUMB.
  8. Click on the “Acquire” Button (top right)
  9. Touch the fingerprint sensor with your Right Thumb 4 times (you will see your fingerprint show up and a counter count down the finger from 4.)
  10. After the 4th finger, a pop-up will instruct you to Click “OK” and touch the sensor with the same finger again.
  11. Touch the sensor with your RIGHT THUMB for the 5th time.
  12. When the Registration dialog comes back indicating you finger is enrolled with a red box over your Thumb radio button, you can click the “DONE” button.
  13. Now Click on the “Cancel” button
  14. Click on the “Exit” button to close the Integral Bootstrap Admin App.

To Exit the Integral application, find the Integral icon in the System Tray and Right-Click on the icon.  Select Exit Integral Biometrics.  The application will close.

DP u.are.u 4500 Sensor


Place your fingerprint flat on the sensor and press slightly to get a good read.

Do Not Roll the finger for enrollment or logins.
Proper and consistent hand and finger placement is recommended for good matching.  Laying the fleshy part of the fingerprint flat on the sensor will give a best read.  Hold the hand open with fingers extended to allow a flat finger touch on the sensor.

Moisturized and Warm fingers are much better at matching than dry or cold skin.

Set up your Biometric User Account

  1. Double-Click on the Integral Bio Admin Icon.
  2. Use your RIGHT THUMB to touch the sensor and log in as an Admin.
  3. Enter the ID:   Intuitivedemo
  4. Hit the Enter Key to continue, and either hit TAB and ENTER or Click on the Yes Button.
  5. Type the Username: Intuitivedemo
  6. TAB to the First Name field and Enter a first name, then TAB to Last Name and enter a Last Name.
  7. Click on the Set Password… button and Type this Password Twice:  This Integral dem0 is FANTASTIC!
    Note: The last character of dem0 is a Zero.
  8. Click on the “Update Password” button to save the Password. Then Click Ok on the confirmation.
  9. Now Click on the “Save” button.
  10. Select a finger to Register.  We suggest Right Pointer.
  11. Click on the “Acquire” Button.
  12. Touch the sensor Four (4) times with the RIGHT POINTER Finger.
  13. Click “OK” on the Prompt and then,
  14. Touch the Sensor for the 5th finger Quality check.
  15. The system will check to make sure your new fingerprint template matches your finger and will also make sure it is Unique within the entire database of user fingers.
  16. The Admin Control Panel will now appear with a Green Box over the finger you just enrolled to indicate that the finger is enrolled.
  17. Go back to Step 10 and do the same thing for your LEFT POINTER finger.
  18. Click the “DONE” button.
  19. Review the Confirmation dialog and click the “Confirm” button.
  20. To quit the Admin application, click “Cancel.
  21. Click “Exit.”

Use Integral IBI to Login to WordPress Web Site

  1. Double-click on the Integral Bio Login icon to Run the Integral IBI Biometric Login Client Software.
  2. The Integral icon will appear in the Windows System Tray.
  3. Look to the Left in the System Task bar.
  4. You will see the Internet Explorer icon.
  5. Left-Click on the IE icon.
  6. You will see IE open this web page: and a Login Screen will be displayed.
  7. Touch the DP Biometric Fingerprint sensor with your Enrolled User Finger.
  8. The first time you touch the sensor, you will be asked for your Username.  Type “Intuitivedemo” into the ID Input field and press the Enter Key, or click the “Submit” button.
  9. The Integral software will now log you in to the WordPress Page.
  10. Log Out of the page.
  11. Now touch the DP Sensor again with your enrolled finger.
  12. You will be logged in without being asked for a Username.
  13. You can log out and log in as many times as you like.


Contact Marc Diament or Josh Gold at Integral for help with this demo.  Call 1-732-414-6000 or you can send an email to  You will be assigned a case# that you can use to track and reference the support you get from our team.