Be 10X more efficient!

Integral Biometrics enables one-touch, 1 second Logins.
With Fingerprint Biometrics, your employees can reliably take one second to Login or eSign with any of your Integrated Global Supply Chain Applications.
Our customers have studied the problem. Their findings are that typical Manufacturing Employees take on average 11 – 15 seconds per login. This includes typos, re-typing, slow typing, Temporary Lockouts, and Required Password Resets.
Why are you wasting time typing and constantly resetting Passwords?
Integral Biometrics takes one second to Login or eSign.
Give them our Biometric solutions and they can be working 10x more efficiently with your MES, Training, and Document Management systems now instead of waiting for their new password.
Coming Soon, Integral will enable logins with Iris Scan Technology to enable hands free and gloved Biometric Access and eSignatures.